Amore, fai presto..

I didn’t know that I could so fall in love with an Italian song.
Everyone who reads this, please listen to this beautiful song of Ornella Vanoni
(which was, of course, the song during their first dance) while reading my little story about Susanne and Alois’ wedding.


In the case you missed Susanne & Alois’ civil marriage photos, please have a look here.
The only difference to the church wedding was that it was sunny this time.
Everything else was exactly the same: Smiling bride & groom and happiness and love all over the place.

I couldn’t have asked for more, I loved every single minute spending with this wonderful people and I guess – no I know it already –  that it will be like this again:

When customers become friends.

Here we go!

Wonderful Sweet Table by “Cake Couture / Andrea Isabelle Streitwieser”

Fabulous Wedding Band “Die Sumpfkröten”

Wedding Venues “Gasthaus Krimpelstätter” & “Friesacher’s Einkehr”

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