Come and follow us..

It’s finally time to introduce you two of my all time favourite people to work with:
Lisa and Christiane aka Follow the Circle.

I joined this special circle of creative ladies over two years ago
and I do not regret a single minute I spent with them.
I’m constantly amazed by the way we are pushing each other despite
we originate from different artistic areas.
For Lisa and Christiane, everything is about touching, feeling, modelling aka creating with their own hands.
For me it’s all about seeing, imagining and creating in my mind.
All these things go perfectly together and the outcome is always a miracle, for each and every one of us.

Our current project/offer is named Wonderwomen and as the name says, it’s everything about women, women, women.

The description is simple:

Sooner or later, every woman is struggling with things like
insecureness related to her body.
Due to our experiences, the problems start at a very young age and through TV and social media, things become even worse.
There is this special (or maybe not so special) type of look which a lot of girls/women want to achieve and we do everything we can to let our female customers know:


“This is wrong because this isn’t you.
You are the most beautiful woman in the world,
no matter what, because there is just ONE YOU
which means you are unique in everything you do.
Your look, style, character and attitude is a sum of the experiences you’ve had in life. There is just one life, you should live it with as much easiness as you can,
without worrying about weight and how you impress other people.

Impress yourself
every day
with being you
and no one else.”


We are more than happy to guide you on the way to find your own Wonderwoman.

Please click here for prices, more information and the description for our German speakers…


Christiane Nebel – Master Florist

Doris Heinrich | Professional Photographer

Lisa Maria Thalmayr | Master Florist

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