The first thing I recognized about Maggie was here amazing eyebrows.
I discovered them on my beloved Instagram and I followed them
because I have a thing with eyebrows.
I don’t like mine, they are not very thick and I always have to use an eyebrow pen or something to make them look like actual eyebrows.
The second thing was that she wrote in her description: I lost my heart in London.
That sounded interesting to me as I lost my heart in London too.
We connected, we met for a beer and fish & chips,
we talked for hours and we clicked.
During our walk through East London and St. James’s and we had exactly the light I was hoping for.
One other interesting thing about her is that she has so many different facial expressions as I’ve never seen before. She looks completely different on every photo I took and I couldn’t stop taking photos of her.
Thank you Maggie for being so flexible and patient and beautiful
(and thank you Instagram, for bringing us together).


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