I don’t know where to start when I speak about Natascha.
We first met in Language School in London but afterwards we haven’t seen each other for more than a year.
We didn’t text or call each other and probably each of us thought that we will never get in contact again.

But fortunately – life is full of surprises.

We met again and it was beyond our expectations. We found out that we are similar in so many things. We discussed our private life as well as our aim to work beyond the borders of Austria and Germany.
Professional-wise, I barely experienced someone so on point and reliable like Natascha Niebauer.

Already successful as a graphic designer in London, she gave me so many advices how to handle my business things here.
Without her help, my Love Project wouldn’t have been the same.
She created the logo as well as all the graphics and printed requirements.
I’m so thankful that she was such a big part of that.

Thank you Natascha.


Ein Gedanke zu “Natascha

  1. Thanks so much Doris for this wonderful shoot and for such a lovely description how we have met 🙂 xoxo ps: you are such an authentically photographer! That makes your work so gorgeous!

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