Sempre tu!

I’m sitting here, looking for Italian phrases to find the best headline for Susanne & Alois’ wedding photos. It’s hard because I’m not able to speak Italian language but I guess I found the right one: “Sempre tu” which means “Always you”.

The reason why everything is Italian related here is simple – they love Italy! (Which I totally get, I just came back from holidays there and I also thought I should visit this beautiful country more often…)


But let’s start at the beginning!
The day of the civil marriage on the 11th of August was probably the rainiest day of this month. It rained and rained and rained and unfortunately we didn’t manage to do the couple photos outside. The good thing was: Everything was perfect, except the rain.

No, we didn’t mind the rain at all!

When I started taking photos, Susanne asked me if she could have a quick look at them. Usually I do not show a lot of photos on the day of the wedding but of course, I showed her a few!

Then something even for me unexpected happened: She started to cry and said that this is exactly what she hoped for and that she loves the photos already.

Do I have to say more?


Sometimes, the excitement is so huge that the couple forgets to kiss.
They didn’t!

Curious how the church wedding looks like?
Come here!

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