Shereen Brown. Artist and great new friend/UK

The first person I met when I came to London a few weeks ago, was lovely Shereen.
I stayed in her mums house for a while and the two ladies made me feel like home, every single minute of my stay.

Usually, I came home after midnight and one night, Shereens door to her room was open. She painted a huge self portrait with 3 different facial expressions.

Actually I was a little (just a little) bit drunk aka in really good mood.
I asked her if I could take a few pictures while she’s painting and she said OK.

The following 30 minutes were one of the most special moments during my stay in the UK.

Thank you so much Shereen for allowing me to visit you in your own world.

You’re such a great artist – I’m so looking forward to see you again.

Much love!


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